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Ansmann LED Taschenlampe Future T400FR Schwarz 5 W IPX4 1600 0150

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The Ansmann Future T400FR Flashlight is a professional, rechargeable flashlight with optical focus. The powerful Future T400FR flashlight is specially designed for demanding users and is the first choice for police, security services, firefighters, rescue services and outdoor sports fans. The energy-saving and almost indestructible LED lamp offers an enormous brightness and lighting range. The stepped gripping surface and the large rubber on/off switch enable user-friendly operation even with gloves or when wet. It does not always have to be super clear: for many situations, a lower lighting capacity is sufficient, for example to read a map or to find something in your luggage. What happens in the dark can never be foreseen. Suitable lighting in difficult outdoor conditions is fundamental for security services or rescue services or other professional applications. For this reason, the Future T400FR offers not just one but four lighting functions for tactical use. Selecting these is quick and easy, because the practical end cap switch can be used to select full light output or 30% brightness to significantly extend the battery life. By pressing the button for a longer time, the flash function for passive self-defence and an SOS mode can be selected, allowing a distress signal to be transmitted over long distances. It is indispensable for operations with a high risk at night or in the dark. Sometimes, it is necessary to use the flashlight nearby and sometimes to illuminate objects at great distances. The 400 Lumen Lumens of the Future T400FR can easily be aimed at a certain point. By simply turning the lamp head, the ultra-homogeneous light beam can be varied quickly and easily, from point focus to wide-angle. Thanks to the precisely manufactured lens, the light field is always free of streaks or light displacements. With the Ansmann Quick-Zoom focus system you can work with an ultra-homogeneous light beam and no irritation in the dark in any zoom setting. Features of the Ansmann Future T400FR Flashlight * Rechargeable professional flashlight with optical focus * Four tactical functions * Quick zoom focus system * Robust aluminum housing * Intended for mobile use, not suitable for indoor use Charge and get to it High lighting power requires a lot of electrical power. This is provided by the rechargeable lithium battery, which delivers the powerful torch with 3.6 V and 2600mAh of energy. As a rechargeable battery specialist, we know what is needed in a good rechargeable battery. The integrated Ansmann safety electronics are particularly important for this enormous energy storage. If the battery is empty, it can easily be replaced. This saves you the costs of single-use batteries and protects the environment. We sell suitable chargers. However, the rechargeable battery pack can also be charged directly into the flashlight via a micro USB connection. With the common micro-USB connection you are completely free - regardless of whether you are travelling or at home. A suitable charging cable is included. Robust aluminum housing The flashlight should help you - not the other way around! For this reason we have set the highest standards for materials and production - the quality is always the focal point of all Ansmann products. For heavy professional daily use, the flashlight must be able to withstand a number of challenges. For this reason it has made an anti-slip and robust housing made of high-quality, hard anodised aluminum. It is extremely resistant to scratches, abrasion and corrosion, allowing the torch to be used in the most unfavorable conditions. Thanks to the IPX4 protection class, the Future T400FR is protected against splashing of water from any direction. The flashlight is also ideally suited for single handed use or when wearing gloves. In the Box * Ansmann Future T400FR Flashlight * Micro-USB cable * Ansmann 18650 3.6V Li-Ion battery * Wrist strap


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Ansmann LED Taschenlampe Future T400FR Schwarz 5 W IPX4 1600 0150